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Are you like Jacknot satisfied with your current life-style. Wanting your own business that can give you more TIME and MONEY to do the things that you so desire.

Are you like Jack … determined to be in control of your life, want to build passive income and willing to work hard towards your success.

Are you like Jack … looking for an SYSTEM that will SLASH away all that ‘trial and error’ so that you can get results fast! Even for beginners!

Then, look no more … this is the SOLUTION to making your dreams come true.

Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail

I have 3 good friends who decided to start a cafe more than 10 years ago. Unfortunately, barely 6 months into business, they decided to close the business because they can no longer support the business …

  • 1 lost her whole inheritance from her parents,
  • 1 lost all his savings which was meant for his son’s overseas education and
  • Another has a huge debt repayment from bank overdraft.

It was a very painful experience for them. Almost RM600,000 lost in 6 months. For me, I lost the friendship of these 3 good friends who no longer want to talk to each each.  I really do not want this to happen to ANYONE.

What happened?

1   There was lack of comprehensive planning. They used most of their capital on the renovation and purchase of fixed assets. They assumed that business will immediate come in from Day 1 business opens … which unfortunately, was not true.

2   Just like many dotting business owners, their business was “perfect” in their eyes. They did not do any market survey, did not do any trial and error and did not get any consultation from experts.

"THINK BIG, Start Small"
A guide for Budding Entrepreneurs to develop
comprehensive BUSINESS PLANS
for small businesses.

ebook – Think Big Start Small cover

Hui Shan is a Chartered Accountant turned Business Coach. She worked for 17 years as a Finance / Corporate Planning Manager before setting up her Management Consultancy and Coaching Firm. Since then, she has worked with many small and medium-sized business owners for the last 11 years.

She shares her experience and findings in how to prepare an business plan in this e-book – “Think Big, Start Small – A guide for Budding Entrepreneurs who want to develop Comprehensive Business Plans for Small Businesses” to help budding entrepreneurs.

This e-book contains videos that highlight

  1. Common mistakes made by many budding entrepreneurs.
  2. Valuable tips to prevent these mistakes
  3. Explanation on how to use a MS Excel spreadsheet to test your different business scenarios until you have the RIGHT business model for success.


Sample Financial Spreadsheet
(editable MsExcel version)

Financial projections are essential information in business plans but many budding entrepreneurs may not have the expertise to build financial models on their own.  As such, when a sample format is provided, budding entrepreneurs just need to edit 

  1. Sales projection
  2. Cost of production
  3. Marketing expenses
  4. Administrative and Other Expenses
  5. Profit or Loss
  6. Capital Expenditure
  7. Projected Cash-flow

try out different business models and select the BEST MODEL for execution.


Sample Business Plan
(editable MsWord version)

There is no need to write your business plan from a blank piece of document. Sample is provided.  Pointers are provided. Just edit ..

1 hour online
(with a certified business coach)

It is common among budding entrepreneurs that in heir opinion … their business plans are either

  • simply ‘perfect’ because it is often hard for us to see our own weaknesses  or
  • totally loss due to information overflow, unable to think ‘out of the box’ or need to re-confirm certain ideas or strategies.

Under such situations, it is always helpful  to have your business plan reviewed by a non-judgmental 3rd party, like Hui Shan, an experienced business coach to provide additional tips on how to structure your business plan better.

Package of 4 in 1

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2. Sample Financial Projection – editable MsExcel version (valued @ USD50)

3. Sample Business Plan – editable MsWord version (valued @ USD50)

4. 1 hour BUSINESS PLAN REVIEW with a certified Business Coach (valued @ USD150)



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Finding the Right Business for yourself

This “Find the RIGHT BUSINESS FOR YOURSELF” is a must do worksheet for all new business owners.  First find out about yourself, your strengths, your passion and your desires. THEN build your business with you in the center.

NEVER build a business based on other’s passion or just for money.

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  4. 1 hour BUSINESS PLAN review with a certified Business Coach (FREE)
  5. Find the RIGHT BUSINESS FOR YOURSELF worksheet (FREE)


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